Friday, December 20, 2013

Kalki Avatar.

Author of this book is a fair-minded, famous professor who happens to be a Hindu. His name is Pandit Benda Prakash Upadhai and the name of his fact revealing book is Kalki Avatar. The author is a Hindu Brahmin by caste of Bengali origin. He is a research scholar, a seeker of the Truth and a well-known Pandit in Allahabad University.                            
                       The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe is One and has no second. Only He is worthy of praise.                 Only  He is worthy of worship. He is the Lord of the Worlds. For the well-being of human beings, in this
world and the next, and to give them guidance to the true path, He has sent Messengers in every age
and every land. But some ignorant people of India think that the Lord's Messengers, sages and great
men are sent only to India, in spite of the fact that the Aryans themselves came from countries outside
India and the Vedas are the religious scriptures of non-Indian Aryans. The real truth is, that whenever
abominations and irreligious practices get out of hand and previous scriptures become corrupted, God
sends new Messengers and reveals new scriptures. Those who reject the new Messengers and the new
scriptures and thus follow the superstitions blindly, go headlong towards their doom. On the other hand,
those who accept such Messengers and obey the new scriptures, attain the true path.

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