Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Long overdue, Israel Convicted of War Crimes!

Ask yourselves why they have been banned in 109 countries.  The reasons may well change how we see Hitler today after what we have seen from these soul-less Zionists against those they hate, which are many and varied. Palestinians,  Christians in many countries have been massacred by them, in 1917 in Russia and in 1934 in Germany when they invaded Poland and Eastern Europe.  The massacre of Palestinians goes well beyond 1948 and into 2000's with the attack on Gaza and other such unanswered attacks.
Its well beyond time that the “TRUTH” in all its ugly existance, should see the light of day clearly by everyone on the planet, and that includes the Zionists who are not of the same ilk, and other Jewish people, about the crimes done in their name, by pagan/satanists who are not Jewish and have no claim upon the Palestinians land, but have stolen the land for a greater agenda for the International bankers, intending to created a “FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER” under some idealistic mantra that they do not believe in, or care about.

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