Thursday, July 10, 2014

These are the images from Gaza that are too graphic for many US news outlets to publish (UPDATED) Human misery is hard to look at. But it's one way to understand the true cost of warfare.

Media coverage of the latest Israeli slaughter of Palestinians is disgusting. Not only do the media ignore the Israeli ongoing killing, kidnapping, torture, and oppression of Palestinian men, women, and children that PRECEDED the kidnappings of three Israelis living on land stolen from Palestinians, but now they pretend that "two sides" are simply trading attacks. The media emphasize rockets from Gaza without reporting that in the vast majority of cases these largely home-made projectiles cause no injuries or even damage whatsoever, let alone deaths, while ignoring the fact that the vaunted Israeli military forces, funded and supplied by our over $8.5 million per day, are killing and maiming mostly women and children in the concentration camp Israel has created of Gaza like shooting fish in a goldfish bowl. How proud the ADL must be of its favorite nation.

Here is a statement from a Palestinian:

"To those in media still talking about the carnage in Gaza as 'tit for tat between Hamas and Israel', you are either clueless or blind.

"Nearly 2 million Palestinians, most of them women & children (statistical fact) are under fire, under siege, and have no where to go. And if you think that the slaughter Israel is committing against families in Gaza only affects the besieged Strip, think again and know this: Each and every Palestinian around the world feels under attack, brutalized, & alone. Each bomb that falls shattering a home and the lives of a family in Gaza shakes our soul to the core. We mourn, cry, and feel the pain because it's our pain, our tragedy. And don't get us started on the pitiful pretext of 'defense' because slaughtering entire families is neither a defensive nor defensible act. This is mass murder & collective punishment of the occupier against the occupied. We are not numbers. Our children have names, smiles, and dreams we cherish and - God help us - try to protect. Even if we don't lose them to bombings, the scars of fear and terror and trauma our children now bear from this criminal assault are permanent marks of shame a mute 'international community' bears for shamelessly watching us die & only asking us to die more quietly while finding excuses for our slaughter. Signed, a Palestinian whose faith in humanity is being tested."

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